We’re Growth Obsessed

You’ll Be Hard-Pressed to Find another Digital Marketing Firm like Lake One

Lake One is a digital marketing and business growth firm. We have the capabilities of an agency and the flexibility of a consultant.

How? We’re a co-op collection of professionals who are experts in our field.

Founded by Ryan Ruud, who had a vision for an agency focused on business growth and with a strong belief that marketing should be measurable and accountable. He believed (and still does) that all the creative parts of marketing were great, but performance was what really mattered. Marketing needed to truly line up with business goals.

So, a firm was hatched where business goals and marketing were aligned 100% and marketing was focused on driving measurable results. That firm is Lake One.

Our Approach

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What We Do

Learn more about the specific services we offer aligned to business growth and goals.
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About our name

Our founder loves spending time in Minnesota’s outdoors, particular in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area. If you head out of the town of Ely, Minnesota on the Fernberg Trail, the road ends, poetically, at a lake called: Lake One.

In the land of 10,000 lakes, to say that the road ends at Lake One, well, that was just too cool of a story to not fall in love with.

Our partners
We partner with industry leading marketing, advertising, technology, and creative companies to create our blend of growth driven marketing momentum that fuels brands worldwide. Here are some of our marquee partnerships.