We’re growth obsessed

Lake One is a digital marketing and business growth firm. We have the capabilities of an agency and the flexibility of a consultant.

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We create momentum for changemakers and risk takers.

Welcome to our neck o’ the woods. At Lake One we believe business should be a force for change, leaving the world a little better as we move through it.

We work with startups, innovators, social enterprises and brands who not only seek growth but are making an impact. Impact within their families, teams, communities, region, and world.

From job creation through a new business, a new way to manufacture everyday items that is more gentle on our planet to a financial movement spanning decades, impact takes many forms.

We give our partners a leg up. Our modern marketing manifesto shows how to drive demand, grow revenue and scale operations.  Together, we create momentum and deliver profits to shareholders without forgoing concern for people, environment or the future.

Our Charitable Partner

Lake One has teamed up with Pinky Swear Foundation to provide digital marketing consulting and services as part of our ongoing effort to make an impact. Founded more than a decade ago on the pinky swear promise between a child and their parent, Pinky Swear Foundation  helps kids with cancer and their families by providing basic needs support and unique family programs. Learn more.


About Our Name

Our founder loves spending time in Minnesota’s outdoors, particular in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area. If you head out of the town of Ely, Minnesota on the Fernberg Trail, the road ends, poetically, at a lake called: Lake One. In the land of 10,000 lakes, to say that the road ends at Lake One, well, that was just too cool of a story to not fall in love with.

yellow dots in a cluster, visual accent only