Online Avertising

Reach the right person, with the right message. Anywhere, Anytime.

The past decade has seen an explosion in online advertising capabilities, and God Bless them. Today, online consumers don’t need to be pestered with irrelevant ads and online advertisers don’t have to be content with blindly spending dollars, blasting their message far and wide hoping it sticks.

 Consumers engage 2x more media via online channels than broadcast : TV (43 min.), PC/laptop (39 min.), tablet (30 min.), smartphone (17 min.).  – Google

With our online advertising services, you get a modern demand generation program.

Here’s what you get:

Strategic Planning: a deep dive into your industry, product, and competitors to identify and define your highest value audiences, what makes them tick and where they hang out.

Campaign Targeting: using the insights we gain from strategic planning, we’ll map out a campaign plan and set of targets to reach your highest value audience.

Analytics & Goal Tracking: we’ll review your existing analytics implementation or set one up to measure what matters.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with Lake One on your Online Advertising needs:

  • Account management and consultation of Facebook Ads
  • Landing page development
  • Ad creation, testing, and management
  • Monitoring and management of the campaign
  • Budget management
  • Real-time web visitor intelligence gathering
  • Analytics analysis
  • Monthly reporting
  • Continuous strategic and tactical planning

Lake One’s Online Advertising & Paid Acquisition Services

Lake One offers a comprehensive collection of services to drive paid acquisition efforts including:

Online Advertising FAQS

Do You Offer Guarantees? Lake One does not offer guarantees. We make every effort to mitigate risk and adjust for variables during campaigns to drive for success, but advertising and marketing is always changing and so are the results. If we could predict future results on any kind of advertising, we’d make a killing in politics!

How long will it take to see results? Most online advertising campaigns see results in the first 3 months and start seeing optimization gains within the first 6 months.

How do you charge? We offer flexible, flat fees on a monthly retainer. We calculate this by the resources required to deliver campaigns and sometimes as a percentage of the total media spend.

How is Lake One different from other agencies or consultants? Unlike agencies, Lake One offers a co-op of professionals who are experts in their digital marketing field. From branding and copywriting to analytics and optimization we can offer the flexibility of a large agency without the large agency fees. Compared to consultants, our co-op is comprised of a diverse set of professional experiences. From working in tech startups to working with Fortune brands, our diverse experience set coupled with our focus on growth creates a winning formula you will struggle to find at other agencies or in other consultants.

How do you measure online advertising success? Great Questions! Bottom line, we measure online advertising progress by its ability to drive success events defined in collaboration with our clients. Whether you’re looking to drive user acquisition, increase awareness or cart checkouts, we initially measure all activity based on its ability to drive these events in an exponential capacity, then for positive ROI.