Lake One is now a certified Yelp Ads Agency Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that Lake One is now a Yelp Ads Certified Partner. But what does that mean for you as we head into a new year? We’re glad you asked!

Diversify media mix in local marketing

Yelp Ads Certified Partner AgencyWhether you’re bootstrap or big league, a marketing mix is critical to making sure you have enough meaningful touches with whatever type of buyer you have. Whether you’re selling complex enterprise software or looking to drive in-store traffic to a retail establishment. For local businesses, they often get their feet wet in advertising with Google ads and search advertising.

That’s a great start! But as your organization grows, you’re only hitting a portion of your market. While you’ve likely heard that most people start their shopping journey in a search engine. Nielsen research from 2014 shows that around 78% of consumers turn to review sites like Yelp to find a local business. You might be thinking Yelp is only for finding a place to eat, but the top category on Yelp is actually shopping. Yelp offers a diverse set of categories and unique recommendation algorithm to create consumer value.

Purchase intent

Another reason search advertising is often attractive to local businesses is because of the intent of the searcher. Nielsen research also found that 85% of Yelp users who make a purchase at a business they found on the review site, do so within a week. Yelp provides another captive, intent-driven audience looking for places to transact.

What is Yelp Advertising?

Yelp Advertising is broken into two main programs: Yelp Ads and Enhanced Profile Program.

  • Yelp Ads is a performance-based advertising program that is billed on a Cost-Per-Click basis, you pay for the ad when Yelp users click on your ad. 
  • The Enhanced Profile upgrades your Yelp Business Page, so you’re able to add a call-to-action button, a photo slideshow, and more to your page.
  • Yelp Ads work for businesses across categories – everything from realtors to auto dealers to plumbers, and more!

We’re looking forward to discussing ways we can help your business use Yelp. Contact us to learn more about how to get started with Yelp Ads.