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Minneapolis-MN based HubSpot Consultants. HubSpot & Hotdish two things we know a lot about.

From big picture thinking and goal setting to portal management and campaign execution, get the HubSpot support you need to realize your full martech investment.

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Make marketing your unfair advantage

To compete today, marketing and sales teams need a revenue operations machine with aligned sales and marketing strategy and technology to automate and support the complexities of their buyer’s journey. As HubSpot certified solutions partners, we help organizations of all sizes and across industries make marketing their unfair advantage.

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Plan, build and activate an aligned sales & marketing program

From CRM and marketing automation to campaign management and optimization – our proven process helps companies plan, build and activate modern marketing programs with the revenue operations infrastructure they need to compete in today’s marketplace, drive qualified pipeline and scale sales and marketing operations. 

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HubSpot Training

Virtual and in-person – we offer training for digital marketing planning, sales and marketing alignment and HubSpot Growth Suite. For more on training, visit our training page for upcoming courses or to contact us to develop a custom curriculum with our certified HubSpot Trainer.

Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner

HubSpot solutions partner minnesota

We’ve been certified HubSpot partners since 2015. Our team carry a variety of certifications and specializations from HubSpot and we emphasize continuing education as part of our professional development

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HubSpot marketing growth

Every sales pipeline presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Getting pipeline momentum up and running fast for a startup with big ambitions – that’s a whole different ball game. That was both the challenge and opportunity facing the SportsTech startup, TeamGenius.

Both co-founders were feeling stretched thin as the number of hats they wore continued to multiply. It was time to partner up. So they turned to Lake One to build a modern, measurable marketing program and get the pipeline moving.

In just the first 8 months of ramping up a robust inbound marketing strategy, the momentum started to roll including:

Fast Stats
  • Quickly established positive ROI for Inbound Marketing (48%)
  • + 15% marketing assisted customer growth (35 new customers)
  • +300 MQLs
  • 8 content partnerships secured
  • +250 new keywords ranked
Inbound Marketing For Startups - Sportstech startup story

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Our guide to lead scoring

Everything from the very definition of Lead Scoring to the why, when, and how. This guide covers it all, including a step-by-step guide on how to implement your own Lead Scoring Model.

  • Why to Use Lead Scoring
  • When to Use Lead Scoring
  • Necessary Components of Lead Scoring
  • Lead Scoring Process
  • How to Measure Lead Scoring
  • and more

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