Kick your revenue machine into high gear by making sure your entire organization has the right data, in the right systems, at the right time.

HubSpot Integration Services

Whether integrating propriety software with the HubSpot API or a bespoke, third-party connection with CRM, ERP, or another cloud or on-premise software, Lake One partners with you to document business requirements and chart a course to the best integration solution for your business needs.


Why integrate your sales and marketing tech?

Simply put, integrating your sales and marketing tech stack ensures that you get the right data to the right place at the right time. This means that your sales and marketing teams can provide effective communications throughout a customer lifecycle, resulting in a more efficient workflow for your revenue team and ultimately enabling growth as a result of more organized data.


We have experience working with a variety of systems including proprietary software connections with HubSpot API. Here are a few we come across regularly.




What to expect from Lake One HubSpot Integration Services

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Lake One will partner with you to understand your business objectives, technology ecosystem, current data flow, and business processes. From there we’ll look to uncover future state needs and requirements.

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Future State Mapping

From the discovery, we’ll map future stage data flow and document business and system requirements to guide the integration process.

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Summary of Findings

In our summary of findings, we’ll review the system and integration options with you to find the best solution to your business objectives and technical requirements.

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Implementation & QA

Once we’ve agreed on a path forward, our team will implement the preferred solution as documented, providing QA and support while taking your solution live.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Toolkit Transforms Global Manufacturer

Polywater, like many manufacturers, lagged in adopting a digital approach to sales and marketing operations. Most of its business development occurred through in-person meetings. Its sales process was long and complex, and marketing was further complicated by a labyrinth of global territories and relationships with reps and distributors. Lacking a modern CRM, the company’s inside sales team manually managed prospect and customer data. Polywater didn’t have the technology needed to run an effective and measurable marketing program or align its sales and marketing efforts.


Lake One teamed up with Polywater to migrate an on-premise legacy CRM, integrate propriety software with HubSpot API and map out other integrations to drive efficiency across their sales and marketing organization improving speed of sales activity and a reduction a manual data management time.


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