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HubSpot Audit: Discovery

In order to be able to best assess your utilization of HubSpot, we also need to get an understanding of your core business and the sales and marketing processes that come into contact with your marketing automation, CRM, and Customer Service needs. To set this required baseline understanding, Lake One will conduct an (up to) 2 hour discovery workshop session with key stakeholders. This workshop is designed to uncover key business processes, gain alignment on lead lifecycle and status definitions, and document key business impact opportunities. The workshop guided discussion will cover the following:

Target buyer assessment
Lake One will explore your target buyer profile, documenting as necessary, to gain an understanding of prospects and customers.

Lake One will look to explore current processes around prospecting and account targeting

Sales process & pipeline management
Lake One will look to discover the sales process: how contacts are managed, explore various deal stages and their exit criteria. The goal is to identify existing processes, discuss any gaps or desires for future state, and document how this should be managed with HubSpot.

Content inventory and assessment
Lake One will look to document current content that is used in sales and marketing with the goal of identifying any gaps or opportunities to repurpose and reuse in lead generation, nurturing, and other automation activities.

Sales and marketing alignment
Lake One will look to learn more about lead qualification, handoff, and routing.

Reporting/Metrics assessment
Concluding our assessment, we’ll look at current sales and marketing reporting capabilities and discuss future state needs


  • Collated sales requirements from discovery sessions
  • Content Audit Workbook

HubSpot Audit: Assessment

Upon completion of the discovery, we’ll immediately begin an audit of the portal. The audit will review the portal against essential usage, but also how usage maps to business requirements and goals uncovered during discovery.

Depending on the tier of your HubSpot portal, we will review the following technical functions of HubSpot for utilization and performance:

  • Topic Clusters
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Social
  • Ads
  • Conversion Paths (call to actions, landing pages, thank you pages and forms)
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Workflows
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lifecycles & Statuses
  • Contact segmentation
  • Property management


  • An audit workbook detailing findings

HubSpot Audit: Roadmap

Upon completion of the HubSpot audit and workbook of findings, we will prepare a roadmap of recommendations for both short-term and long-term improvements.

We’ll present the roadmap and our findings and facilitate a discussion around opportunities and next steps to tackle implementation.


  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

Average timeline for completion 2-3 weeks (* may vary based on client availability and Lake One Capacity/Resource availability)

Price: HubSpot CRM Platform Audits are flat fee projects starting at $3,000. Request a Quote to customize your audit. (Most audits can be completed within our starting fee structure. Complexity of your CRM Platform implementation or business needs may incur additional fees in your final quote.)


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