Lake One’s 2019 Most Read Content

December 17, 2019
Tiffany Schultz
Tiffany Schultz
most read content

They say that hindsight is “20/20”, which seems quite fitting as we look back at 2019 and prepare for the new year of 2020 ahead. What a year it’s been for Lake One! We welcomed new partners, new team members, and new strategies. We hope your year has been filled with just as much newness and excitement. 

We’re so grateful for all that 2019 has brought. To commemorate such a wonderful year, we’ve put together a highlight of the most read, linked and shared content for you to enjoy:

most read content

Most Read 

Our readers just couldn’t get enough of these blog posts this year: 

Sales and Marketing Alignment Guide

  • With our guide to sales and marketing alignment, learn how to get your teams to work better together. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

  • Sales and Marketing teams misaligned? You’re not the only one. Read more about the benefits of aligning your sales and marketing teams. 

3 Lead Follow Up Processes That Will Turn Off Your Inbound Leads 

  • Here are 3 lead follow up process problems to avoid. Read more about what they are and how to solve them. 

History of Inbound Marketing

  • Curious to know how inbound marketing got its start? Read more about the history of inbound marketing. 

B2B Smarketing Team Assessment 

  • How aligned are your sales and marketing teams? With our B2B Smarketing Team Assessment learn if your teams are misaligned. 

Lead Scoring Guide 

  • With our guide to lead scoring, read how to score leads appropriately. 

Most Shared 

If sharing is caring, then this content was very cared for by our readers in 2019: 

Sales and Marketing Harmony

  • Our sales and marketing alignment guide was a must-read and a must share in 2019. Helping sales and marketing teams live harmoniously is an ongoing priority for Lake One. 

Lead Scoring 

  • This was a fan favorite in both the read and shared department. We hope our guide to lead scoring was helpful to you all.

Action 19: Lessons in Business Resiliency 

  • Lake One was fortunate enough to be able to attend and sponsor the first-ever Action19 event hosted by our partner Authentic Brand.

We have a lot of great content in store for you in 2020 too. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for updates. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come: 

  • In House vs Contractor vs Agency Comparison Chart
  • Define Your Sales Process Worksheet 
  • Digital Marketing Agency Budget Worksheet
  • And More 

Here’s to the remainder of your 2019 being filled with friends, family, festivities, and fun. We’ll see you in 2020!