Marketing in a Crisis

Resources for managing digital marketing in times of crisis.

Stop, stay the course or alter path?

Navigating uncharted waters

When crisis strikes it’s jarring. For business – it’s stressful. Uncertainty sets in. Anxiety ramps. NO matter the situation, questions inevitably surface around marketing. Do we stop? How do we pivot? How do we adjust in real-time to changing policies? While each crisis comes with its own unique set of challenges – we’ve compiled some timeless resources to help you better navigate the uncharted waters of crisis and how it impacts marketing and business development.

Adjusting your model

Getting your business online fast

Many B2B organizations rely on relationship building. When you suddenly can’t meet face to face – you’re left with a need to quickly get your business operational online – fast. Review our guide, a practical checklist of the essentials to help get your business online quickly so you can keep building and managing relationships when meeting face to face isn’t possible.

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sales and marketing automation

Audit marketing in flight

Marketing automation crisis checklist

marketing in a crisis checklist

A lot of organizations already have their marketing machines running. When a crisis strikes,take a measured approach and audit what you have in flight. Don’t just stop everything – and don’t let it run as business as usual. Use our marketing automation crisis checklist for some key areas to audit along the way.

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Monitor policies

Social Media and Digital Advertising in Crisis

There is an enormous amount of eyeballs on the internet right now. While it maybe tempting to highjack traffic, it’s important to make sure you’re adding value to the discussion and most importantly not running afoul of any of the tech companies adapting policies around marketing and communicating about COVID- 19. Here’s a few policies to monitor and be aware of.

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social media checklist


Webinar &  workshop

Marketing in a crisis



Ryan Ruud, Founder & CEO of Lake One, a Minneapolis MN Marketing and Growth Firm,  shares strategies and resources to help you better navigate the uncharted waters of crisis and discusses adapting to impact on marketing and business development.

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