Tiffany Schultz

Director, Content Strategy and Promotion

Our newest member of the team, Tiffany joined Lake One in November of 2019. Before coming on board, Tiffany worked in the AdTech space for a number of years at NativeX (acquired by Mobvista in 2016), where she onboarded and managed strategic partnerships. From there, she oversaw the Marketing and Client Services department at Aria, a communications firm that specializes in marketing and fundraising for non-profit and B2B companies.

Tiffany has a B.S. in Business Marketing and recently completed her Master’s in Strategic Communications. A creative, lifelong learner, she enjoys new challenges, with a passion for people, processes and planning. When she isn’t doing work she loves, she is spending time with her kiddo and husband, hitting the trails with her pup or trying out a new workout class.

Danielle Carson

Marketing Program Manager

Danielle Carson joined the Lake One team in September 2018. Her whole career has been focused on marketing, spending the last several years driving results within agencies. Some of the ways Danielle contributes to the team are by optimizing content for SEO, knocking out social posts, and producing high-conversion landing pages. When Danielle isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her daughters and husband outside, in the garden or feeding the chickens.

Rachael Cecko, Lake One Digital Marketing

Rachael Cecko

Director, Client Delivery

Rachael Cecko joined the Lake One team in August of 2017. Prior to joining Lake One, Rachael obtained her Master’s in Mass Communications and got her feet wet in all things digital at an AdTech company, NativeX (acquired by Mobvista in 2016). At NativeX Rachael led strategic partnerships and technical onboarding initiatives for both the business and account development teams.

At Lake One you’ll find Rachael keeping projects to task, rocking Asana, and elbows deep in sales in marketing alignment. Outside of work, you can find Rachael chasing after her three children alongside her husband, in her flower beds, or watching the occasional Hallmark movie.

Ryan Ruud

Ryan Ruud

Founder, CEO

Ryan Ruud is the Founder & CEO of Lake One, a digital growth firm that helps brands plan, build and manage tech-enabled marketing and sales programs. He started the firm in 2014 and has led it through double digit growth every year since, attracting funded startups to enterprise clients across a diverse industry set. 

Prior to launching Lake One, Ryan established his career by merging a love of storytelling and content with an insatiable curiosity for technology. With roots in broadcast journalism, he cut his teeth in both radio and tv studios while earning his Bachelors and Masters in Journalism and PR respectively. 

His marketing career took him from leading PR & Communications for AdTech company, NativeX (acquired by Mobvista in 2016), to building and managing a digital Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) for some of the country’s largest credit unions prior to starting Lake One.


You’ll find Ryan’s contributions on business, marketing, and life in a variety of Publications including CMS Wire, Business 2 Community, Social Media Examiner and more.