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From headlines to trending, leverage the new rules of PR to drive demand. Thanks to technology, anyone can turn themselves into a publisher. As a result, PR has evolved. Leverage our roots in journalism to engage a bustling new industry of bloggers, niche news websites, and social media influencers alongside traditional media.

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Digital PR & Outreach Services

At Lake One we think digital PR is as much a marketing strategy as it is a communications strategy. When it comes to building your thought leadership, driving demand, and growing your organic search presence, PR takes center stage.

Our approach to digital pr includes:

  • Influencer and blogger relationships
  • Earning and promoting guest content
  • Traditional media relations

Here’s what we do:

  • Strategic planning

    A deep dive into your industry, product, and competitors to identify and define your highest value audiences, what makes them tick, and where they hang out.

  • Media planning & outreach

    We’ll develop and maintain influencer/media lists and conduct ongoing outreach aligned with your content editorial calendar and business needs.

  • Insights & analysis

    On a regular basis, we’ll measure and analyze outreach efforts. Through advanced tracking, we’ll monitor organic search rankings and outreach conversions and successes.

Everything you do or say is public relations.


Everything you do or say is public relations.


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