Improve the efficiency and impact of your sales and marketing programs with marketing automation. Lake One will help you work smarter — not harder — by implementing automation that keeps your programs running and generating results.

Sales and marketing automation services

Sales and marketing transformation can feel overwhelming. Lake One simplifies some of the decision-making and manual tasks involved by helping you seamlessly build and run smart programs with sales and marketing automation technology.


To implement sales and marketing automation, we


  • Embed into your organization to understand your goals and then create a strategy for how we’ll use automation to achieve them
  • Help you choose the right marketing automation technology and integrations that will support your goals and strategy
  • Ensure your team knows how to leverage the technology to its fullest potential to help you get the most value out of your investment


Right message, right time


Sales and marketing automation technology that’s up and running, delivering the right message at the right moment to the right person.


How Lake One supports marketing automation

Successful sales and marketing automation requires a partner who can collaborate closely with your team to understand your objectives and overcome roadblocks. Lake One can help you succeed by:

  • Offering consultative support to choose the right marketing automation technology and integrations
  • Documenting your business processes to keep everyone aligned
  • Managing your sales and marketing automation programs
  • Providing training on how to run, optimize, and measure your sales and marketing automation programs

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