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Make the right first impression. Drive more business. Make hiring easier. Outsmart competitors. Solve world hunger. Well okay, maybe not that. But your website should be able to do a lot.

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Website Design & Development

Your website needs to do a lot. It needs to be easy to use for you and your customers. It needs to be a living, breathing thing. Not something you update once a decade. It’s the hub inside all of your marketing and sales activity and if it’s not pulling its weight – your whole program will fail. A bad website hurts conversion for new potential customers. A bad website creates a brand disconnect when what you’re out of alignment in look, feel and what you say you do. A bad website can turn off potential new hires. Frankly – a bad website is bad business. Here’s how we help partners who are on Lake One marketing sprints fix bad websites.


  • Discovery & Kickoff

When approaching a new site update, we begin with the end in mind. (S/O Stephen Covey!) We do a brand and content audit to understand where we are and have a guided discussion to understand what’s working, what’s not and where we want to go.

  • Design & Content

With our discovery inputs in place, we hit the drawing board. Some organizations start with a wireframe. We find that adds unnecessary time and cost to most projects. We map site architecture, content map and once approved, begin live prototyping design concepts to set a creative direction. Over several weeks design is iterated. As the rest of the site is concepted, content is adapted or developed.

  • Development

When it comes to development, we primarily focus on WordPress and Hubspot. No off the shelf themes here. We start with vanilla WordPress and develop a custom backend to provide maximize site customizability – without adding plugin bloat.


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