Search engine marketing that clicks. When we need to find something, whether for work or fun, an overwhelming majority turn first to a search engine. Making sure your business is present and relevant in a constantly changing search environment is an ongoing process.

At Lake One, we’re search savvy. Whether looking to drive traffic via pay per click, improve your organic ranking, or both, our modern, measurable marketing programs are tailored to help.

81% of buyers start their shopping experience with an internet search.

– Adweek

Here’s what you get:

  1. Strategic Planning

    A deep dive into your industry, product, and competitors to identify and define your highest value audiences, what makes them tick and where they hang out.

  2. Account Setup

    Setup, management, optimization and consultation of Adwords and Bing Pay Per Click.

  3. Search Optimization

    Keyword research, link building, media/influencer outreach and content planning to grow organic ranking

  4. Insights & Analysis

    Ongoing analytics, goal tracking and testing to provide conversion optimization and enhance search algorithm performance including reporting on results and insights learned from your social audience regularly.

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