Lead Generation

How a diamond broker moved their business online

70% Growth Monthly Lead Volume

From 1.1% to 15% Landing Page Conversion Rate Improvement

60% Decrease Lead Acquisition Costs

When we need something, our first instinct is to start a search online. But what if the thing we need is of high value, like a diamond or fine jewelry? Does our trust of the internet extend to precious items? This was the challenge Atlanta-based US Diamond Traders faced as they looked to expand their diamond and jewelry brokerage services from brick and mortar to online. 

With decades of diamond industry expertise, US Diamond Traders wanted to reach more consumers looking to buy, sell and trade diamonds and fine jewelry,  but needed to overcome hesitations consumers might have to work with a diamond dealer online. They also were looking to compete in a crowded and competitive online space filled with local, regional and national brands. US Diamond Traders teamed up with Lake One to create a strategy to build brand, trust and a path to conversion that would carve out a space for US Diamond Traders in a crowded field. 

Building Trust

First, Lake One worked with US Diamond Traders to refine brand and positioning to highlight the difference between a diamond broker and a regular jewelry story. With an emphasis on social media and content, we worked to build educational tips for US Diamond Traders prospects and customers to educated them, sharing US Diamond Traders inside knowledge and becoming a trusted source, even when site and social visitors weren’t in the market.

Establishing conversion paths

Once we established a cadence of site and social content, we moved to optimize conversion paths. Creating a means for visitors to find their way to engage with US Diamond Traders whether they wanted to buy, sell or trade. We leveraged A/B testing to optimize forms, copy and placement driving up conversion rate.

Smart, paid media campaigns

Knowing we were in a competitive space, we were judicious in our paid media efforts. Rather then a broad approach with PPC, we focused our efforts right away on highly valuable terms, increasing ad performance, reducing our overall costs and driving up ad and post-click performance.

Through ongoing production and testing, US Diamond Traders has been able to carve out a space for itself in a crowded online marketplace and grow brand and revenue.

Over 6 months, Lake One worked with USDT to achieve more than 70% growth in monthly lead volume, improvement in landing page conversion rates from 1.13% to 15% and a decrease in lead acquisition costs of 60%.