Digital Marketing

Energizing a community bank's online presence

Every now and then a marketing agency meets a prospect that is so meant to be, it defies logic. For us that prospect was Boundary Waters Bank. With a namesake that’s a popular boundary waters entry-point, our hearts were all aflutter with this opportunity.

Boundary Waters Bank is an example of Lake One’s Fractional CMO integrations. We worked with the team at Authentic Brand who placed a Fractional CMO to help the regional bank up its marketing game.

Website Overhaul

One of the first steps in that process was updating a tired online experience. We needed our site “to be more user-friendly for both our customers and employees…” says Nina Bowen, Vice President at Boundary Waters Bank. “Not to mention, we wanted a more modern and creative presence,” she adds.

The site had been hosted on a 3rd party vendor and Boundary Waters Bank had no control over design and operation. Plus, the team had a quick turnaround timeframe.

Lake One worked with Boundary Waters Bank to design, write, and build a self-managed and hosted website in roughly 12 weeks. Design began by modernizing the bank’s iconic loon logo.

Old Boundary Waters Bank Logo
Updated Boundary Waters Bank Logo

Site UX focused on creating a non-bank site experience to drive easy site navigation. Site design elements included custom photography from across the boundary waters.

Finally, front end design gave final touches including a subtle lake wave on the homepage hero image.


Since launching the new site, Bowen says:

“Our customers love the look and flow of our new site! Change is always a little daunting at first, but they have been very receptive! Lake One made the design and implementation of this project so accessible! We had a very short timeframe to work in, and they still gave us 100% effort! They were familiar with the Boundary Waters and Ely, MN so they were able to connect with us on a personal level and it really showed in their work. They helped to keep us on our timeline and  the communication was tremendous!”

Nina Bowen, Vice President, Boundary Waters Bank

New Product Launches

After launching the new site, Boundary Waters Bank went on to launch new products. Our work with the team and our Fractional CMO didn’t end there. We provided consulting to support the team in capitalizing on tools to modernize their marketing strategy.

“Lake One truly helped us to learn so much! Not just through developing a great website, but additional tools we would need to help expand and grow our outreach that we already had access to but didn’t quite know how to apply it! 100% recommend working with Lake One!”

Nina Bowen, Vice President, Boundary Waters Bank

Work included keyword research, strategy, and content in support of a new product launch that blended a savings account and certificate of deposit.

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