Inbound Marketing

Startup growth with Inbound Marketing

+634 New Leads

406% Website visits increased

385% Organic traffic increased

+38% Twitter Growth

+75% Facebook Growth

+6.8% Linkedin Growth

Every sales pipeline presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Getting pipeline momentum up and running fast for a startup with big ambitions – that’s a whole different ball game. That was both the challenge and opportunity facing the SportsTech startup, TeamGenius.

Both co-founders were feeling stretched thin as the number of hats they wore continued to multiply. It was time to partner up. So they turned to Lake One to build a modern, measurable marketing program and get the pipeline moving.

In just the first 8 months of ramping up a robust inbound marketing strategy, the momentum started to roll including:

More Hot Stats
  • Quickly established positive ROI for Inbound Marketing (48%)
  • + 15% marketing assisted customer growth (35 new customers)
  • +300 MQLs
  • 8 content partnerships secured
  • +250 new keywords ranked

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