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Craving growth zen? Get your sales and marketing teams singing the same tune with sales and marketing alignment (smarketing).

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Sales & Marketing Alignment Services

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Services

At Lake One we understand the value of sales and marketing alignment because we live and breath it every day. When sales and marketing are out of tune – even with the best products or services and the best meaning sales and marketing teams, your organization won’t achieve the growth it can. We help our partners get their revenue teams on the same page. Here’s some of the ways we do that.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Offering

  • Custom sales and marketing alignment workshop
  • Sales and marketing SLA (Service Level Agreement) development
  • Lead qualification documentation
  • Lead handoff documentation
  • Goal setting
  • CRM selection, implementation, onboarding, training
  • Joint sales & marketing dashboards

Lake One Smarketing

Lake One’s approach to Sales and Marketing Alignment

There can be a lot of reasons why sales and marketing are out of whack and the solution that works at one organization may not work at another.

We work with our partners in three ways to drive growth through sales and marketing alignment.

  • Discover and align

We’ll meet with your team to discuss your goals, current processes, tools and technology in use. From there we’ll document an optimized future state potentially including a Marketing and Sales SLA, a lead handoff process or recommendations around data flow between sales and marketing technology.

  • Build and implement

Next, we’ll work to build and implement the future state. Working with your sales and marketing teams to implement SLAs, lead handoffs, implementing CRM, and Marketing Automation adjustments and integrations as outlined.

  • Equip and optimize

We also provide ongoing sales enablement, equipping sales teams with the tools to spend more time doing what they love – selling.

Companies with Sales & Marketing alignment are 67% better at closing deals and drive 209% more revenue.


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