Who We Are

Lake One is a digital marketing agency designed to grow your business. We have the capabilities of an agency, the flexibility of a consultant, and proven processes to elevate your company.

What We Believe

NO B.S. Digital marketing

Marketing should be easy to understand, modern, measurable, and directly accountable to a business objective.  It should be approached with a growth mindset and fun. If you’re looking for a marketing business to partner with your organization, we invite you to join us in our mission.

The Modern Marketing Manifesto

Four Pillars

Let Data Be Your Guide

Data is behind everything we do whether offline or online, primary or secondary, data drives the planning, implementation, and optimization of all modern, measurable marketing programs. While we love opinions, we think that the results and actual interactions with a branded experience are a far better bellwether than an opinion about buttons and layout.

Create Insanely Great Experiences

Steve Jobs and Apple are cited with the mantra of creating insanely great experiences as the driving force behind their products. This applies to marketing, too. From online to offline, brand experiences need to evoke an emotional response and be something your audience wants to engage with. No amount of advertising, organic ranking, or social media engagement will negate crappy brand experiences.

Be Kind

Being kind in general is just good practice. When it comes to online efforts where you’re asking people to share personal information or payment data, creating an environment of trust and a flow that’s intuitive is critical.

Fail Up

There is no silver bullet. Sometimes the things that don’t work are better than the things that do work, as long as we’re failing “up”, constantly improving our work. We believe the most effective, modern marketing strategies are delivered through continual execution and innovation.

Our Mission

Create momentum for change-makers & risk takers.

pinkyswear gingerbread experience

At Lake One, we believe business can both pursue profit and be a force for change, leaving the world a little better than before. We work with startups, social enterprises, and growth-driven brands who not only seek growth but impact. Impact within their families, teams, communities, and world.

Whether it’s job creation sparked by a startup, an earth friendly way to manufacture everyday items, or a mission/vision/values-driven company culture, the impact can take many forms.

We give our partners a leg up. Our modern marketing manifesto shows how to drive demand, grow revenue, and scale operations.  Together, we create momentum and deliver profits to shareholders without forgoing concern for people, the environment, or the future.

Our Charitable Partner: Pinky Swear Foundation

Lake One is a partner to Pinky Swear Foundation to provide digital marketing consulting and services as part of our ongoing effort to make an impact. Founded more than a decade ago on the pinky swear promise between a child and their parent, Pinky Swear Foundation helps kids with cancer and their families by providing basic needs support and unique family programs.


About Our Name

The Original Lake One

We get asked a lot, what’s the deal with your company name? Well, hop in the car, and let’s head to northern Minnesota together to learn the story behind our name.

Lake One is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise™through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The NGLCC is the largest advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancement for LGBT people and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT-owned businesses.